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Core Associate Profile

Andrew Knutt - Marketing, Web Design, Media, eBusiness Strategies and Business Development

Andrew has a wide and varied skill set including ICT, design, business development and all things Internet. From social media skills to content and ebusiness strategies Andrew develops all for public and private sector.

Andrew is also proactive in the business community as well as the creative industries community and offers a unique insight to all who employs his skills in this area.

Skills &
Experience Set 1

  • Chairman – Somerset Design Enterprise Network
  • Board Member – South West Design Forum
  • Associate of Institute of Business Consulting
  • Member of UK Design Alliance
  • Member of UK Web Design Association
  • Board Member - Business Initiative for schools

Skills &
Experience Set 2

  • Director of ADK Design
  • Over 20 years of successful business development & consultancy
  • Member for the European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation ("EICI") for South West Design Forum
  • Owner - Somerset Business social media group
  • DTI trained Business Advisor

Did You Know?

fact 1
Our workshops are supported by many industry trade organisations including the Design Council and Creative & Cultural Skills Sector.
fact 2
We develop the creative industries with design and business development workshops, events, networking and platforms for knowledge exchange.
fact 3
Core Business Design has nearly 100 years of combined experience within the field of design, art, education, business and training.
fact 4
Core Business Design associates have been involved with the creation of local creative industries government policy for over 7 years.

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