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Using design for economic value & business growth

Core Development Services

Business development through the use of creative thinking and business knowledge

With associates experienced in supporting business growth and identifying opportunities for development

By applying our business diagnostics we can identify where there are potential areas for your company to improve, expand or diversify. Through this initial free consultation we can then pinpoint where suitable design services or management solutions could help you and your business. We also provide a confidential business analysis profile. You may also be entitled to take advantage of the Designing Demand programme through Core...

Funding & Support for Businesses That Want To Employ Design

Designing Demand: Design support for business

Designing Demand is the Design Council's mentoring service for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. It helps businesses with an appetite for growth discover how to become more innovative, more competitive and more profitable.

Management teams are led through a practical-based process that helps them to understand how design, used well, can be a strategic and effective tool to boost performance, open new markets, cut costs and reduce risk.

What does it cost and how much time does it take?

If you are a business interested in innovation and growth then you will be eligible for 50% government support towards the cost of the mentoring service. Acceptance onto Designing Demand requires companies to resource the design project that results from participation.

Projects last between 6-10 months. Getting the full benefit means having the senior team available to join Design Associates in identifying design opportunities and making them happen.

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