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Core Associate Profile

John Boult - Design & Innovation, Product Development, Knowledge Exchange

John has a well seasoned background in almost all areas of design and design education. His skills include branding, product development, innovation, design strategy and service design.

John has worked with big major clients and has worked both nationally and internally. His work at Brunel University keeps him well up-to-date with design theory while influencing the next generation of designers.

Skills &
Experience Set 1

  • Founding Director of successful company Product First Limited
  • 25 years of design consultancy experience internationally and nationally
  • Co-founder of Somerset Design Enterprise Network

Skills &
Experience Set 2

  • Associate Professor Design Strategy Brunel University
  • Lecturer and strategist in service design
  • Creation of and participation in National & Regional Design Intervention Programmes

Did You Know?

fact 1
Our workshops are supported by many industry trade organisations including the Design Council and Creative & Cultural Skills Sector.
fact 2
We develop the creative industries with design and business development workshops, events, networking and platforms for knowledge exchange.
fact 3
Core Business Design has nearly 100 years of combined experience within the field of design, art, education, business and training.

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