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Core Associate Profile

Neil Lumby - Marketing, Graphics, Branding and Business Development

Neil's skill set and experience on branding, marketing and graphics, coupled with his business advisory knowledge, means he can help any organisation develop and grow using a range of creative processes.

Neil has also worked in some major brands like Clarks shoes and the Design Council. Neil is a true advocate for design and volunteers in many working groups.

Skills &
Experience Set 1

  • BA Hons Design Communication.
  • 25 years experience as a design consultant in Graphics, Brand design and management

Skills &
Experience Set 2

  • Committee member of Somerset Design Network
  • Director and founder of Lumby/Futrille Design consultancy

Did You Know?

fact 1
Our workshops are supported by many industry trade organisations including the Design Council and Creative & Cultural Skills Sector.
fact 2
We develop the creative industries with design and business development workshops, events, networking and platforms for knowledge exchange.
fact 3
Core Business Design has nearly 100 years of combined experience within the field of design, art, education, business and training.

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