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What is service design and how can you benefit?

Service design considers services as products which have to be designed and developed systematically. By simply exploring, generating and evaluating the customer journey, experience, touch points, etc we can find ways to improve services in a sustainable way.

By using such design techniques organisations can deliver services that are built around the real needs of clients, that simplify complex problems and deliver solutions that are future focused and cost conscious. (Read more about service design).

We provide a complete consultation and planning service that covers almost all business areas so no matter what problem you need to resolve or services to develop we can apply and provide a clear service design strategy and help execute and manage.

When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, that each sell the exact same coffee at the exact same price. Service Design is what makes you walk into one and not the other" Marc Fonteijn, 31 volts

Consultations may be a couple of hours, a whole day or several days. We pride ourselves on communication, so no jargon…but be prepared to come away enthusiastic, motivated and well informed. 

Our Design Consultants

Richard Holt
Director Richard Holt has a wealth of art and design experience matched with a BA Hons Industrial Design PGCE and 25 years management experience in business design training.
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John Boult
John Bolt is professor of Design Strategy & Design Innovation with a role within the Masters courses in Brand and Design Strategy at Brunel. John has decades of experience in product branding and design and corporate innovation.
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Neil Lumby
Neil has a BA Hons in Design Communication and a member of Chartered Society of Designers. 25 years experience as a design consultant in graphics, brand design and management expertise.
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Andrew Knutt
Coupled with digital design, ebusiness, marketing, technology and media comes Andrew's expertise in business development. Educated in business studies and an Associate of the Institute of Business Consulting.
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